* Standard Assortment - Seller's Choice Leaf Cutting Assortment

* Standard Assortment - Seller's Choice Leaf Cutting Assortment

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You are purchasing an assortment of leaf cuttings of the following African Violet:

- Type: Standard

- Form: Leaf Cutting (1 fresh cut leaf for standards)

- Quantity: Select the size assortment from the drop down list (if available). Assortments are available in increments of 5 varieties. If an assortment size of 5 is available, that is the maximum number of unique varieties I can guarantee. Ordering 2 sets of 5 would not guarantee you 10 unique varieties. When I can offer more than 5, the option to select: 10, 15 or 20 will be available.

- Varieties - All varieties will be packaged individually and labeled with the variety name. I cannot accept requests for specific varieties. You are likely to receive varieties listed in the store and there is a possibility that varieties not currently listed may also be included.

Please see the store policies for additional information regarding propagation, plant/leaf details, and shipping.

Thank you!