Shipping FAQs

1. Do you combine shipping?

Yes! Simply add items to your cart as you browse and shipping will automatically calculate. For an order consisting of leaf packs, shipping should stay flat for the first 15 leaf packs and then increase slightly at each increment of 15.

2. When is my order shipped?

I ship orders via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground, typically on the Monday following payment. Orders are not typically shipped mid-week due to potential delivery delays over the weekend.  The cutoff for shipping the following Monday is Friday at 6am.  Orders placed after 6am on Friday may be held until the following week.  

Please ensure that your shipment will not be left outside in heat or cold!

I reserve the right to hold your order if the weather on your end or mine would endanger the contents. I will be in contact with you if there are weather concerns.

3. What if something arrives damaged?

I try to pack each order to ensure it arrives safely, however, occasionally a box gets handled roughly in transit.

Plants: Please note that some spilled soil or a few broken leaves are not considered damage.

Leaves: Your leaf should arrive in viable condition. It may be slightly limp, if so, soak the cut end in tepid water before potting to revive.

Claims: If there is severe damage to your order, you must contact me with a picture of the damage within three days of delivery. I will replace the damaged item with an item of the same variety, if available. If one is not available, a refund will be issued.

I do not guarantee any leaf or plant once it is in your care and possession.

Product FAQs

1. Plants - What should I expect to receive?

The plants I sell are "starter" plants. These will NOT be full size, blooming plants.

The plant in the last picture of the listing is representative of the plant you may receive. The plant you will receive may be larger or smaller but will be well rooted.

All starter plants will be potted in a 3 oz plastic cup.

When growing violets, the general rule is that the pot size should not exceed 1/3 of the leaf diameter of the plant. Please take care not to over pot your new starter plant. Starter plants may not be in bloom, however, with proper care, they will soon reward you with blooms! I recommend repotting all plants upon receipt.

2. Leaf Cuttings - What should I expect to receive?

Leaf Listings - You are purchasing freshly cut leaves for propagation.

Quantity: Semi-miniature and miniature varieties will consist of (2) two freshly cut leaves. Standard varieties will consist of (1) one freshly cut leaf.

I do not wrap the cut ends. Leaves are packed in labeled plastic zip top bags. Leaves are taken from plants which have bloomed true.

If your leaf is slightly limp upon receipt, trim the stem slightly and soak in tepid water for a few hours before potting.

3. Leaf Pots - What should I expect to receive?

A leaf pot is a rooted leaf grown in a 3 oz pot. Small plantlet(s) will be starting to appear. Depending on the size and your comfort level with handling small plants, the leaf pot can be grown on for 4-8 weeks to allow the plantlets to get larger or they may be potted into their own 3 oz pot upon receipt.

The size of the plantlets will vary, both with the age of the leaf pot and the type of violet. Standard varieties produce larger plantlets than minis or semis.

Each pot will contain at least one plantlet. More may be growing under the surface of the soil. You can remove the larger plantlet(s) and repot the mother leaf if it is still in good condition. However, in some cases, the mother leaf may no longer be visible in the pot or may have broken off. 


All photos are of my plants. They may not be used without permission.

Growing/Plant Care

1. Can you help with growing instructions/suggestions?

We have several tutorials available - please select the Tutorial option on the menu!

Website FAQs

1. Is my information secure?

Our store uses the Shopify platform which utilizes the most up-to-date security technology.

2. How is my information used?

Your information is used to process your order.  Beyond that, we do not share or sell your information to any other organizations.

3. How will you communicate with me?

If you place an order, you will receive several emails - an order confirmation, shipping confirmation (with tracking information), out for delivery and delivered emails.

If you sign up for the email list, you will receive occasional emails with news and promotions.  You may always unsubscribe at any time!