Deer Trail

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Deer Trail (6414) 11/05/1986 (P. Harris) Single orchid. Medium green, plain, round. Semiminiature trailer (Western)

- Form: Please select from the drop down menu. All forms may not be in stock simultaneously. Please read below for a description of each option!

- Leaf Cutting(s) - 1 fresh cut leaf for Standard and Large Standard varieties. 2 fresh cut leaves for Semi-miniature and Miniature varieties.

- Leaf Pot - a single rooted leaf grown in a 3 oz pot. Small plantlet(s) will be starting to appear. Depending on the size and your comfort level with handling small plants, the leaf pot can be grown on for 4-8 weeks to allow the plantlets to get larger or they may be potted into their own 3 oz pot upon receipt. The size of the plantlets will vary, both with the age of the leaf pot and the type of violet. Standard varieties produce larger plantlets than minis or semis. Each pot will contain at least one plantlet. More may be growing under the surface of the soil. However, in some cases, the mother leaf may no longer be visible in the pot, it may have dried up or been broken off.

- Starter Plant - a young, single plant grown in a 3 oz pot. The plant will likely not be in bud or bloom but will be well rooted.

- Notes: This variety was acquired from the hybridizer (George McDonald) as an unnamed seedling. If in the future, it is named, I will note that information on my website (

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