End of Season Mystery Box!

End of Season Mystery Box!

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For 2022, I am offering an end of season Mystery Box!  These will be offered in two sizes (Small and Large).  You can select just mini/semis or a mix of standards and semi/mini size. Each box will contain an assortment of african violets crowns - all named and labeled!  Most boxes will consist of crown cuttings.  You may also find a leaf pot.  No requests on contents! 


Important shipping information - Your night time temperatures must be above 45F to have this item shipped!


What is a crown cutting?  It is the growing point of a violet plus several leaves.  No roots or potting mix are attached.  The crown will need to be planted and rooted upon receipt.  Doming of the crown until roots form is generally recommended.  Most crowns will have enough leaves that you could set a few leaves along with rooting the crown.  Crowns will be freshly cut before shipping and packed in ziptop bags as fresh cut leaves are.


Small box - $65 (includes shipping within US).  Minimum of 15 varieties included in the box!

Large box - $120 (includes shipping within US).  Minimum of 30 varieties included in the box!